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Since its foundation in February 2004, TTC has established InfoCom security, Broadcasting and Wireless Broadband testing laboratories and has been endeavoring to satisfy the requirements for info-communications product testing, certification and technical consulting services. In addition, with the successful implementation of Number Portability Centralized Database Administration Center (NPAC) by TTC since 13th Oct. 2005, over thirteen million fixed-line users and twenty-one million mobile users have been enable to enjoy high quality and highly reliable NP service. That has created a win-win situation among the users, operators and the government.


For a long term, Taiwan info-communications industry has been more centered in northern Taiwan. TTC is the first national-level InfoCom testing laboratory to station in the Kaohsiung Science Park. Thus TTC has shouldered responsibilities of providing technological assistance to the southern InfoCom manufacturers, enhancing the R&D level for industry in the fields of telecom, broadcasting and InfoCom security technologies, and attracting a cluster of industries. TTC will strive to make the Kaohsiung Science Park a communications park in the future, and to promote the balance of regional development.


Looking forward to the future, as the digital convergence is going to transform the traditional communications ecosystem, TTC will devote to integrating the R&D capacities of universities and research institutes around Kaohsiung Science Park to become a national-level InfoCom technology center. With all your great support, TTC will contribute to and witness the sustainable growth of the InfoCom industry in southern Taiwan.

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