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  Testing and Network Communications Technology Division  
  1. Type-approval compliance test for ICT Products
  2. Type-approval compliance test, video and audio test for DTV
  3. Certification services for photovoltaic and energy-saving products
  4. Measurements of electromagnetic Field (EMF) and performance for telecom base stations
  5. Consulting services of ICT certification technology
  InfoCom Security Division  
  1. Common Criteria evaluation, information security consulting and certification consulting of ICT products
  2. Training of information security and study of related technical specifications
  3. Consulting and training on cryptography module testing standards
  Applications and Services Division  
  1. Management of Number Portability Administration Center
  2. Digital convergence related business entrusted by the government agencies, government-owned enterprises and private enterprises
  Research and Planning Division  
  1. Research and analysis of the communications industry
  2. Research and planning of communications regulatory policy
  3. Research and planning of administration for communications technologies and resources
  4. Research entrusted by the government agencies and communications-related enterprises
  Administration Division   Legal affairs, human resources, accounting, cashier, meeting management and evaluation, Board secretary, public relations, procurement and general affairs, Mail Room, auditing and filing of official documents, etc
  Task forces and project teams  
  1. Research and development of location technologies
  2. Research and development of Call security applications
  3. Research and development of InfoCom innovative applications and technologies
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