Cross-Sector Communication and Dispute Coordination

Release Date: 2015-12-31  Data Source: TTC
Date of course 2016/01/06 (Wed)
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Organizer TTC
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1.      The Purpose of Communication

(1)   The proper mindset before communication

(2)   The change of logic before communication

2.      Basic Concepts of Interpersonal Communication

(1)   The establishment of communication module

(2)   Types of Communication

3.      The Cause of Ineffective Cross-Sector Communication

(1)   The elements of bad communication

(2)   The breakthrough of communication attitude

4.      Communication Skills to Master Cross-Sector Cooperation

(1)   Steps to effective communication

(2)   Skills of effective communication

5.      Skills of Dispute Coordination and Reconciliation

(1)   Mental preparation before dispute coordination

(2)   Steps to and communication skills to conflict resolution

6.      Conclusion and Feedback

7.      Scenario Simulation

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