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In November 2004, TTC was designated by 12 of the Type 1 Telecom operators to construct and operate Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC). Number portability service (hereinafter referred as “NP service”) was then officially started on October 13th, 2005 in Taiwan.

 After launching the service of NPAC, over 12 millions fixed line and 30 millions mobile phone subscribers can benefited from NP service.

To enhance the convenience of NP service, TTC shortened the NP process from 4 working days to 1 by upgrading system in early 2007. In 2015, TTC upgraded the system again, it makes the NP applications would be worked before dawn on next day.

In addition, TTC also comply with the NCC’s policies to expand the capacity of system and make holidays be NP’s effective date in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of NPAC system, moreover, facilitating the consumers.


    ISO 27001 LOGO ;
Certificate No: IS516613

    • In April 2007, NPAC was accredited by BSI and awarded the “ISO/IEC 270012005” certification.
    • NPAC has been passing the regularly semiannual review of “ISO/IEC 270012005” by BSI since 2007.
    • On May 3rd, 2015, NPAC was awarded the convert accreditation of “Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001:2013”. With P-D-C-A management process and security control mechanism, NPAC shows the determination to guard the information security.
    Technical Capabilities
  • To design, implement, operate, and manage the NP central database system.
  • To set up the SOP and operate NOC of NPAC.

    The List of Telecom Service Operators and Government Units which NPAC provide service or support to.
        Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. 

  • Number Portability service
    Provide NP application service to telecom operators.
    Offer routing information to telecom operators by 7x 24 service.

  • Verification testing service
    Provide telecom operators with testing and verifying of their Local Service Order Activation and Local Service Management System. That ensures the interfaces and processes among operators being in accord with NPAC, and avoids interruption of overall service due to any single operator failure.
  • Consulting service
    Offer NP system and network planning, and consultation service according to different characteristics of operators, in order to shorten on-line process and ensure system quality and stabilization of systems.
  • Training
    Provide operators with training courses to their NP technical and customer service staff.
  • Lawful interception support
    With NP service implemented, we can support supervisory agencies to enforce the monitoring mission, and to benefit the social stabilization and national security.
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  • Tel: +886-2-8953-5940
  • Kaohsiung : No. 3, Luke 1st Rd., Luzhu District, Kaohsiung City 82151, Taiwan
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