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Top left: 3A Steady State Solar Simulator
Bottom left: Climatic Chamber
Top right: Mechanical Stress Test...

One of TTC’s missions is to be a National-level certification center. We guarantee the safety and high-quality of our customers’ products via the conscientious and effective testing and certification procedure provided by TTC’s Photovoltaic (PV) Module Certification Lab. In addition, we also provide the testing services of J-box and connector used for PV modules. Our professional and localized services save much of domestic customers’ time and cost of testing and certification and accelerate the time-to-market processes.

    Green Communications Laboratory Picture
  • TTC helps customers to get the top private marks required by markets, such as UL, TuV SuD, TuV Nord, JET and CGC. We work with our partners offering product certification according to the following photovoltaic-related standards.
  • TTC is one of the ILAC-affiliated Laboratories providing performance parameters testing for CEC solar incentive program.
    Testing Facilities
  • Class AAA Steady State Solar Simulator, Light-soaking Test Equipment.
  • Hot-Spot Testing Equipment for UL1703
  • NOCT and Temperature Testing Equipments
  • Walk-in Climatic Chambers: Thermal Cycling, Humidity Freeze and Damp Heat
  • UV Test Chamber
  • Mechanical Load Testing Equipment
  • Water-spray Testing Equipment
  • Outdoor Exposure Testing Facilities, Outdoor IV Curve Measurement
  • Electrical Safety Testing Equipment
    Services Provided
  • Flat-Plate Photovoltaic module product testing and certification for UL 1703
  • Crystalline silicon / Thin film photovoltaic module product testing and certification for IEC 61215IEC 61646IEC 61730
  • PV product certification and technical consulting service.
  • Testing Items Testing Specifications
    Standard for Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels UL 1703
    Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic modules -
    Design qualification and type approval
    IEC 61215
    Thin-film terrestrial photovoltaic modules -
    Design qualification and type approval
    IEC 61646
    Photovoltaic module safety qualification- Part 1 :
    Requirements for construction
    IEC 61730-1
    Photovoltaic module safety qualification- Part 2 :
    Requirements for testing
    IEC 61730-2
    Connectors for photovoltaic systems -
    Safety requirements and tests
    IEC: EN 50521, UL 1703, UL 486A, UL 486B
    Junction box for photovoltaic systems -
    Safety requirements and tests
    IEC 50548, UL 1703, UL 746 A/B/C
    Competitive advantages
  • Local Services save your time and money of certifications。
  • Professional Staffs provide the high-quality and conscientious testing reports.
  • With the best State-of Art testing facilities TTC keeps the compliance of market quality requirement.
  • With over 2,500 hours of sunshine duration per year, we can provide more efficient outdoor test services.
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